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Good Mental Health is Critical for Caregivers

Cape Senior Services understands the impact caregiving can have on the physical and mental health of the caregiver. 


Caregivers can feel stressed out, tired,  overwhelmed, sad, depressed, angry, anxious and much more. These feelings,  constant worry and unhealthy coping skills can place caregivers at risk for health problems. It is important for caregivers to practice good self-care. 

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Good Mental Health is Critical for Caregivers


Part of practicing good self-care includes attending to your mental health. Our therapists are here to listen to you and provide support. We know that caregiving can be very, very hard. Our therapists take a nonjudgmental stance and create a safe space for caregivers to talk. 
Our therapists at Cape Senior Services are licensed social workers who are sympathetic and compassionate towards people who are suffering from emotional issues or mental illness. They strive to help reduce symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and grief and promote healthy coping skills.