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What We're About

Cape Senior Services is a company based in Falmouth, MA that offers social work services for aging adults and family caregivers. Cape Senior Services is owned and operated by licensed social workers who understand the issues and diagnoses related to aging. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care for aging adults and their family caregivers. 

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How We Help

Cape Senior Services provides caregiving for seniors, case management for families and counseling for caregivers. 

  • Caregiving: Cape Senior Services strives to help aging adults age in place with grace and dignity by offering in-home support through a caregiver. We offer in- home non-skilled companion care for seniors involving assistance with everyday tasks that have become more difficult.

  • Case Management: Our Social Workers will support families by developing comprehensive care plans to meet the needs of the whole family. The social workers will manage the plan of care and make adjustments to it as the needs of the aging adult change over time.

  • Counseling Services: Our therapists provide support to aging adults and caregivers through individual psychotherapy and group therapy. Cape Senior Services offers telehealth for caregivers who are not local to Cape Cod. We also offer in-home pet therapy visits for older adults.

Our Mission

The mission of Cape Senior Services is to promote the well-being of aging adults and their caregivers by offering comprehensive services to support them.

As older adults age they can experience physical, psychological and cognitive changes that make their activities of daily living more challenging. Cape Senior Services strives to help meet these needs to support seniors who are aging in place as well as their caregivers who are coping with these difficult changes. 


The Staff

The founder of Cape Seniors Services, Carolyn O'Connor, is a licensed independent social worker (LICSW) who has a passion for helping aging adults as well as a great deal of compassion for their caregivers. She has personal and professional experience caring for aging adults with dementia in a variety of settings. Her professional experiences include providing case management, individual psychotherapy and group therapy. She is actively engaged in the scholarly pursuit of animal assisted psychotherapy and has found that working with her two dogs and bunnies is therapeutic for her clients. There is a lot of tail wagging and bunny hopping around her office at Cape Senior Services! 

All of the staff at Cape Senior Services are licensed social workers with a wealth of knowledge about senior care and dementia and the experience and compassion needed to help seniors and their caregivers.